Somalia: Facts and Figures, January - December 2019


The ICRC works closely with the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to respond to humanitarian needs by providing emergency food supplies, safe drinking water sources, seeds and agricultural tools and livestock vaccinations. The ICRC also provides first aid training, works to reconnect separated family members, visits places of detention, and promotes international humanitarian law (IHL) among relevant authorities and actors.

In 2019 the ICRC provided medical assistance and first aid training to over half a million people and provided cash assistance to over a quarter of a million people to help them meet their immediate needs. Working with the Somali Red Crescent Society, our teams exchanged more than 93,000 Red Cross Messages and facilitated more than 94,000 phone calls between family members.

Highlights of our work in Somalia in 2019

536,000 patients benefited from the Primary Health Care program in 29 clinics

148,000 people received clean water from 13 mechanised water supply systems

Located 292 individuals through the ICRC tracing services

Distributed food to 98,000 people

Treated 9,200 children under the age of five suffering from moderate acute malnutrition

95,000 patients were treated within the Outpatient Therapeutic program

For a detailed report of our work in Somalia in 2019, please read the complete report.