Somalia Drought Crisis - Water Price Monitoring Somalia, April 2019



The Water Price Monitoring assessment aims to establish a data collection, monitoring and reporting system on water market prices in order to allow humanitarian and development actors to better analyse humanitarian needs in areas particularly affected by drought.

April data collection was conducted through a quantitative survey entailing phone calls to water point administrators between 28 April - 12 May in 12 districts. Within these districts, target areas were identified based on availability of partners and accessibility. Only those water points that charge for water in these target areas were assessed.

All prices are shown in United States Dollar (USD) cents for 90L of water. This is the daily amount used by a household of six members, consuming the minimum SPHERE standard of 15L water per person per day. Price changes are subject to exchange rate.

Due to limited coverage at the district level, findings should be considered indicative.


• Eyl District recorded the highest median water price, at 71 USD cents for 90 litres of water.

• Median water prices increased by 51% in Garbahaarrey. This was mainly attributed to a decrease in water quantity. On the other hand, median water prices decreased by 34% in both Baardheere and Luuq. This was mainly attributed to an increase in water quantity following the Gu (AprilJune) rains, which not only started late, but have also been below average1 .

• Seventy-one percent (71%) of assessed water points in Baidoa, 62% in Eyl and 50% in both Ceel Waaq and Luuq do not have their water treated at the distribution point.