Somalia Drought Crisis - Water Price Monitoring: Lower Juba Region, Somalia, October 2017



The Water Price Monitoring assessment aims to establish a data collection, monitoring and reporting system on water market prices in order to allow humanitarian and development actors to better analyse humanitarian needs in areas particularly affected by drought.

October data collection in Lower Juba was conducted through a quantitative survey between 25 - 27 October, focusing only on those waterpoints in the region that are charging for water. The assessment has followed the official district boundaries of the region.

All prices are shown in US Cents for 90L of water. This is the daily amount used by a household of six members, consuming the minimum Sphere standard of 15L water per person per day. Price changes are subject to exchange rate.

Key Findings

• This factsheet presents information collected from 4 waterpoints in Afmadow and 30 waterpoints in Kismayo districts in the Lower Juba region.

• Prices of water in Lower Juba increased by an average of 1% between September and October.

• The majority of the waterpoints (97%) showed no price change from September to October.

• One waterpoint in Kismayo town showed an increase in price of 50% as more households had accessed the water source.

• Of the assessed waterpoints in Lower Juba, 88% are chlorinated and 12% treated with aquatabs at the distribution point.