Somalia: Displacement Update for Banadir, Berdale, and Baadweyn, as of 6 May 2021


Situation Overview

Recent violence and generalized insecurity have displaced over 250,000 people in Banadir, Berdale and Baadweyn; including close to 200,000 in Mogadishu (Banadir region). According to partners, the IDPs are in acute need of food, shelter, non-food items, protection and health assistance. The violence has also created uncertainty and disrupted delivery of humanitarian assistance.
Access remains a challenge to humanitarian operations in Mogadishu with several districts inaccessible. An estimated 14,000 IDPs that have settled in 26 sites in Garasbaly and Kahda districts have not yet received assistance. In Berdale and Baadweyn, humanitarian partners have scaled up responses to meet immediate needs.
Humanitarian flights to Berdale that were suspended a year ago, have resumed, delivering much-needed shelter and non-food items for IDPs. Protection partners are on the ground in Baadweyn to reinforce displacement monitoring, protection assessments as well as support unaccompanied and separated children. Humanitarian actors are urged to scale up the responses using available resources and contingency stocks.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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