Somalia Cyclone Gati (As of 13 December 2020)

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Situation Overview

Cyclone Gati made a landfall in Bari region of Puntland on 22 November, affecting 120,000 people across Bari region in Puntland of whom 42,100 people were temporarily displaced. Nine people were killed by the cyclone besides loss of livelihood assets, death of livestock, damaged buildings and infrastructures, damage to farms and fishing equipment.

Iskushuban district was the epicentre with about 60,000 people directly affected. Bossaso district was the second worst affected with about 40,000 people affected by flash floods, of whom 90 per cent were IDPs and refugees. Those displaced have since returned to their homes and settlements.

WFP reported that transport services in the main supply corridors linking Bossaso and main towns along the coast of Bari are facing challenges and have been disrupted in some locations due to the effects of the cyclone. Humanitarian partners have scaled up the delivery of assistance to people who were recently affected by Cyclone Gati in Puntland. As of 13 December, over 78,000 out of 101,000 people targeted reached with humanitarian assistance from authorities and partners.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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