Somalia cVDPV Outbreak Response Situation Report #10 (24 October 2018)

Situation Report
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Situation update

  • Somalia continues to respond to concurrent outbreaks of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 and type 3.

  • No new cVDPV type 2 or type 3 cases have been confirmed this week. The last confirmed case was of type 3 in a five month old child who had never previously been vaccinated against polio.

  • The total number of cVDPV cases remains 12: five cVDPV2, six cVDPV3 and one case of a child with a coinfection of cVDPV2 and cVDPV3 virus.

  • There are nine poliovirus isolates awaiting sequencing in the lab: five from environmental samples, one from an AFP case and three from AFP contact samples.

  • World Polio Day was commemorated with events including television and radio roundtables on polio and the benefits of childhood immunization, and initiatives to encourage parents, government and health authorities as well as frontline workers, social mobilizers and technical experts to take ‘bold steps’ to eradicate polio.