Somalia: COVID-19 Monthly Report (August 2020)

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Confirmed daily COVID-19 cases continue to decline. Somalia has confirmed 3,310 with 2,579 recoveries as of 31 August but the number of deaths has remained at 93 for several weeks. Most cases are 20 to 60 years old, and 74 per cent are male. According to WHO, cumulative positive testing rate, has declined. Across the country, health facility and community-based surveillance activities are focused on early detection, testing, tracking and tracing of cases. The Federal Government of Somalia has allowed international flights to resume, which should ease the movement of aid workers and delivery of supplies, and schools to reopen. Guidelines have been developed to minimize the risk at airports and passengers will need a medical certificate showing they are free of COVID-19. Students returning to school are required to follow Ministry of Health guidelines including social distancing, wearing face masks and gloves. School compounds have been cleaned, disinfected, and hand washing facilities installed.

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