Somalia: COVID-19 Impact Update No.2 (As of 20 April 2020) [EN/SO]

Situation Report
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240 Tests done in Somalia

46 People in Quarantine

164 Confirmed Cases

7 Reported Fatalities

2 Recovered Cases

14 Isolation Facilities

Situation Overview

The number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Somalia spiked, pushing the total number of confirmed cases since 16 March to 164. The cases include 15 health workers, some of whom are staff of the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Most of the cases are in Mogadishu but there are five in Somaliland; and two in Kismayo in Jubaland, including one an internally displaced person (IDP). Seven fatalities and two recoveries have been reported thus far.
The majority of the cases, including the first fatality, have no travel history signifying local transmission of COVID-19 and WHO says further transmission of the virus can be expected. There is an increased risk that cases may go undetected or undiagnosed if community transmission begins and becomes widespread.The impact on the 2.6 million IDPs living in more than 2,000 crowded settlements with limited access to health and water, sanitation and hygiene services would be catastrophic.

Progress is being made on in-country testing. This past week, Somalia received COVID-19 testing equipment and 240 tests have been conducted as of 18 April. In additon, there are substantial efforts from international partners to support the preparedness and response efforts. Somalia recently cleared its arrears with the International Development Association1 and will benefit from the World Bank Group’s US$14 billion global package of fast-track financing to assist companies and countries in their efforts to prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19. However, additional resources will be required to meet current and new humanitarian challenges brought by possible further spread of the pandemic.

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