Somalia: Corrupt Leaders and Warlords Are a Menace to Sustainable Peace

Bossaso City - (Somali Peace Rally)

  • The Somali Peace Rally (SPR) still keeps the belief that the Djibouti government's peace initiative for Somalia is aimed at attaining a lasting peace in Somalia and devising a principled, balanced and comprehensive framework for the resolution of all the issues that underlie Somali crisis.

The SPR also believes that the recent statements by Somali peace participants in Djibouti are a profound manifestation of the sentiment of the Somali people for an end to the senseless conflict that deeply damaged the fabric of Somali society since the collapse of Somali State in 1990.

Yet, the SPR strongly believes that the Djibouti government's peace plan could lose its majority support of Somalia and our support if the executive office of transitional government is occupied with corrupt top-decision-makers of former Somali authoritarian regime, Somali warlords and their collaborators. Worse could follow, the SPR warns, if the Djibouti's peace plan does not recognise or accept a federal system as the only alternative option of a governmental form for Somali people above an excessive power of a central government.

Influential leaders of former authoritarian regime and Somali warlords have wilfully inflicted various cruelties on Somali social fabric. Any nomination of or electing such unreliable individuals to the Executive Office of the government would only weaken the transitional government considerably and perhaps even prompt Somali people to get trapped into another round of civil war.

The SPR believes that all necessary milestones along the road to a sustainable peace can not be laid out by corrupt leaders of former authoritarian regime and Somali warlords who have wilfully misused and destroyed all the machinery of the Somali state to promote their power and their individual interests.

A declined inclusion of such corrupt leaders and Somali warlords in the executive organ of transitional government, and the acceptance of federal system could, certainly, enhance a continuing dialogue between all parts of Somalia, a climate of political tolerance among Somali leaders, protect human rights of all Somalis and contribute to a sustainable peace impact.

The SPR firmly urges Djibouti government and the international community to discourage the nomination of any corrupt leaders and warlords to the highest decision-making offices (such as the executive office) by the transitional government and, encourage the peace participants to consider a federal system above an excessive power of central government.

The SPR strongly recommends the future political leaders of Somali transitional government and international community to give much effort to promoting a culture of peace and reconciliation throughout the country, and facilitating institutions with capacity to plan and effectively manage Somalia's post-conflict development programmes under the auspices of federal government aid scheme.

The SPR strongly believe that effective regional and local administrations with autonomous policies in certain administrative sectors (such as urban and rural management, like transport, education, health, water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment, solid waste disposal, energy systems and air quality) could play a great role in the promotion of peace and in the realisation of sustainable system in the long run.

All parties involved in Somali civil war must seriously consider the Somali peace participants' appeal for peace, and against war in the country. The civil war has already resulted in the death of thousands of innocent people, the destruction of hundreds of homes and villages, the thefts of Somali public and private goods by Somali warlords, and the dislocation of millions of Somali people.

Somali Peace Rally, Bossasso City, Somalai contact e-mail: Chairman of SPR: Mr. Warsame, A. Bashir

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