Somalia Climate Update, June 2021 (Issued July 15, 2021)

Situation Report
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The 2021 Gu (March/April-June) season rainfall significantly decreased during the month of June; most stations recorded no rainfall in all the dekads.

Based on data from rain gauge readings, no station recorded 100 or more millimeters in the month of June 2021.
Stations which recorded at least 20mm of rainfall includes Elafweyn (48.5mm), Wajaale (41.5mm), Diinsor (34.1mm), Aburin (34mm), Jamame (33mm), Wanleweyne (32mm), Malawle (27mm), Hargeisa (25.5mm), and Bulo burti (22mm) – Table 1. Cumulative rainfall from 1 March to 05 July 2021 remained below average in most regions of southern Somalia, Galgadud in central regions and Awdal, W. Galbeed and Bari regions in northern Somalia - Map 2.

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