Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard - as of October 2019

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, CCCM Cluster
Published on 31 Oct 2019 View Original

General update

The Hiran CCCM sub-national cluster conducted a rapid needs assessment of the oods that have affected thousands of families across Beletweyne IDP sites. It is estimated that rains and floods have affected close to 5,807HHs (34,842 individuals) of IDPs according to CCCM site verifacation IDPs done in October 2019.

Site maintenance activities were started in Dhusamareeb and Cadado. This include cash for work activities to improve sites as well as distribution of site maintenance tools.

CCCM partners in Banadir completed safety audits in 56 IDP sites in Kaxda and Deynille. Generally, the living condition in all sites were observed to be poor and pose risks to the well-being of populations living in these sites.

The safety audit report include multisectoral recommendations to improve safety and living conditions in the sites.

Flood assessments were carried out by CCCM partners in Baidoa, Kismayo, Dollow, Beletwyne, Mogadishu and Belet Xaawo. The assessments include multisectoral needs and damaged infrastructures which were circulated to partners to inform their responses.

CCCM Cluster subnational focal points in Baidoa presented on a panel discussion at the 2nd annual Evidence week, hosted by Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS). The CCCM cluster focal point presented on area based and settlement planning and the role of CCCM in Baidoa.