Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard - as of January 2020

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General update In Kismayo, CCCM partners trained 112 members of various community groups on CCCM and community participation. Committee members were from elderly committees, site management committees, women groups, youth and people living with disabilities.
In Sanaag Region, Gar-adag district, IDP site maintenance committees completed site maintenance and site improvement activities in response to flooding and storms that had affected the district. These activities included the repairing/rehabilitation of water reservoirs and communal latrines, rehabilitation of shelters for vulnerable households and backfilling of roads/pathways within the site that were badly affected by the recent floods in order to prevent further damages and water stagnation.
The Detailed Site Assessment (DSA) data collection was finalized in 65 districts across Somalia and Somaliland. This is the third year the activity has been conducted.
In Baidoa, the CCCM teams supported the relocation of 230 Households in 4 IDP sites who were evicted. The families moved to new sites with formal land lease agreement for 5 years.
CCCM teams supported HLP partners in Baidoa to finalize an eviction risk mapping. It was noted that 342 settlements have written agreements and 65 settlements out of the 431 settlements are communal owned sites with permanent land tenure. 111 settlements are eviction prone sites with tenure agreement of less than one year