Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard - as of February 2020

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General update

A CCCM led- joint site verification exercise was completed by partners in Baidoa. A total of 37 stakeholders from the authorities, UN agencies and NGOs participated in the verification. 483 IDP sites hosting 55,005 households were verified during the exercise. Compared to the site verification exercise held in August 2019, an increased by 48 new sites and 3,683 households were recorded in the verification.

CCCM partner has completed the construction of two community centers in Cadado and Dhusamareeb. The centres will soon be handed over to the Camp Management Committee (CMC) who will use them to hold camp meetings, trainings and other community events to help the management of the site.

In North Galkayo, 150 (75 female and 75 male) Camp Management Committees (CMCs) were established in 15 IDP sites. A two-day capacity building training was organized for the CMCs on the role and responsibilities, humanitarian standards, protection principles and effective camp coordination and camp management. Similar training was provided to 105 CMCs on the CCCM principles and importance of community engagement in Luuq, Beletweyene and Baidoa.

Fire control equipment were distributed in 25 IDP sites of Baidoa. The fire safety equipment consisted of fire extinguisher, uniforms and other necessary materials which will facilitate committees extinguish sudden fire outbreak in the sites.

A clean-up campaign was conducted in 10 IDP sites by CCCM team in Kismayo. A total of 254 community volunteers participated in the clean-up campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to improve the hygiene conditions in the sites.

CCCM partners with cash for work initiatives rehabilitated a feeder road connecting the IDP sites with host communities in Kismayo. Meanwhile, preparations are underway by CCCM partners to start the site maintenance activities in Mogadishu.

This include cash for work activities to improve sites as well as distribution of site maintenance tools.