Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly Dashboard (July - September 2020)



Cash-based interventions have been used by humanitarian organizations in Somalia since 2003. Initially, significant variations in transfer values were implemented by different organizations, occasionally leading to different transfer values in the same locations. It was against this backdrop and as a response to the increasing number of agencies using cash-based interventions to respond to the 2016-2017 drought, that the Somalia Cash Working Group (CWG) started convening in February 2017. The CWG aims to streamline the design, development, and implementation of cash-based interventions in Somalia.

Under these aims, the CWG provides quarterly transfer value recommendations, based on Somalia's standard minimum expenditure basket (MEB), to humanitarian organizations implementing cash-based interventions in Somalia.

This dashboard presents the CWG's transfer value recommendations for populations classified in the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) phases 3 ('acute') and 4 ('emergency'), in addition to an overview of market performance for the period of July-September 2020. The primary data sources used are datasets and briefs from the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU), which provides price data, and the World Food Programme (WFP), which provides supply chain and port data. Data from other CWG partners is used on an as-available basis.