Somalia: Assessment report for sanitation and hygiene in Warsheik, Adale, Aden Yabal, Mahaday and Balad districts of M/Shabelle region

Situation Report
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In these five Districts of M/Shabelle Region namely: Warsheik, Adale, Aden Yabaal, Mahaday and Balad the Sanitation and Hygiene conditions were very poor after the collapse of previous regime. People have inadequate of access getting of safe drinking water, people are eating contaminated food.

As result of these conditions many people died, malnourished and got sick especially marginalized women and children and Aged people who can not cope the effects of poor sanitation and hygiene.

There were high influx of IDPs fled from Mogadishu as a result of endless fighting and atrocity between TFG backing Ethiopia and ICU, these people reached in M/Shabelle Region team on.

SHARDO have been made an assessment on sanitation and hygiene in Warsheik, Adale, Adan Yabaal, Mahadaay and Bal'ad districts. This assessment was accompanied with brief workshop debating on observations assessment made on the five districts namely above.

The main objective of the assessment was to assess the condition of sanitation and hygiene of Warsheikh, Adale, Adanyabaal Mahadaay and Bal'ad districts.

The assessment started on 17th August and ended on 30th August 2008.