Somalia: 40 Million Meals Delivered in Mogadishu

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In partnership with all communities in Mogadishu City, Danish Refugee Council, World Food Programme, ECHO, USAID, the Swedish Government, the Danish Government, and the Norwegian Government, SAACID continues to operate 16 wet food feeding centres in Mogadishu City, delivering 80,000 hot meals a day.

Through 108 weeks of operations (20 December 2009), some 40,010,775 lifesaving meals have been successfully delivered to the starving in Mogadishu. This is a remarkable achievement in an ongoing conflict zone; and SAACID wishes to express its thanks and support to local communities and their leaders for continuing to ensure the safety of this programme.

Phase V of the programme began on 1 December 2009. Donors and partners have provided commitments to fund the programme for 1-year for Phase V.

The kitchen sites are open to all; with the cumulative gender breakdown being 55% women, 40% children and 5% men.

The average monthly cash income for each individual presenting at the food kitchens is US $1.90. On average, some 318,780 people are sharing the 80,000 official meals on a daily basis. The Danish Refugee Council continues to provide quality assurance for the programme

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