Somali Warlords Have Economic Advantages in Conflicts

Mogadishu City - Somali Peace Rally (SPR) believes that the current attitudes of animosity, incompatibility, suspicion and hostility by Somali warlords towards Djibouti peace plan for Somalia reflect their economic advantages in Somali conflict such as illegally printing Somali money and using public infrastructure for their personal interests.
Somali warlords' attitudes towards Somali peace process also stem from the fact that they do not want to see their unbridled passion of riches and power to be constrained by a Somali state with the capability to make rules, collect revenue and enforce the rule of law.

The Djibouti peace plan aims at the holding of a national reconciliation conference and the establishment of a Somali transitional government with an acting president, Prime Minister and a parliament. The peace plan reinforces the position of Somali civil society in peace establishment.

The Djibouti peace plan for Somalia is aimed to promote national consensus, deepen and give substances to the concepts of consent, participation, legitimacy and accountability to the Somali people.

Since the collapse of Somali state, Somali warlords have wilfully caused mass killings, serious suffering and inhuman treatment to unarmed civilian populations, destruction of social and physical fabric in Somalia, and the use of the Somali public and private properties for their personal interests.

Therefore, the SPR strongly urges the international community to hold the warlords back and force them to co-operatively participate in bringing the Somali peace process to fruition. What Somalis is seeking today is a form of integration which involves all parties concerned in peace establishment, in order to build up the foundations that are necessary for sustainable peace and prosperity.

Th SPR also urges the UN Security Council, the United Nations, IGAD, Arab League, EU and Djibouti government to encourage Somali peace participants at the peace conference in Djibouti to facilitate a Somali government which has the intention of strengthening the foundations of the civil administration aiming at meeting the fundamental desire by Somali grass roots level and the expected demand of international community for peace, stability, security and prosperity in Somalia.

The SPR welcomes the UN Security Council's statement of 23 May 2000, supporting the peace initiative on Somalia initiated by the Government of Djibouti. The SPR sincerely wishes to thank the UN Security Council for its concern about the consequences of Somali civil war on Somali people.

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