The Somali government supports the American Special Forces operation that saved the lives of the kidnapped Danish De-mining Group workers


(Mogadishu 26th Jan 2012) “ The safe rescue of the two aid workers, who have been kidnapped while helping make the playgrounds safe for our children, is a great joy to the Somali government and to all Somalis as well as to all right thinking people everywhere. Hitting them hard is the only language, kidnappers of innocent people, pirates and terrorists understand and every opportunity should be taken to wipe out this scourge from our country.

The Somali government will do everything it can to assist in the release of those still held as hostages in Somalia” The Somali Minister of Information said to today in a statement to SONNA, the Somali National News agency.

“These kidnappers and pirates are the cause of untold suffering to our people, even more so than to the rest of the world; for they are kidnapping the very people who were helping our sick and hungry; and also devastated our trade by stopping international shipping in our waters.” The Minister continued.

“ Jessica Buchanon and Paul Thisted are kind souls and the Somali people could not have better friends in the world than them; For they braved to risk their lives to clear mines from our country and save our people, especially children, from losing their lives and limbs.” The minister concluded.


Press Release Our Ref 16/PR/CO/12