Somali Government condemns Villa Somalia’s suicide bomber

from Government of Somalia
Published on 29 Jan 2013

(Mogadishu- January 29, 2013) - The Somali Government condemns this morning’s suicide attack near the Villa Somalia gate by a suicide bomber, injuring three with two fatalities. The suicide bomber attempted to breach the main security gate but was deterred by the fortified security forces stationed at the gate.

However, the Government expresses its condolences to the families of those killed and injured in the cowardly attack. The bomber's identity has not been released, as investigations on how the attack unfolded is currently underway.

Despite the attack, the security in the capital has been improving over the past eight months and the Somali Government will continue conducting security operations to crack down the remaining terror safe havens in the country.

Somali Government reassures its public that security in Mogadishu and across Somalia is the government’s primary concern. However, occasional attacks might get through and this reminds us that the threat of violence is not yet over.

The Government encourages the public to collaborate with the security forces and help tip security agencies with information about any suspicious activities to prevent the threat posed by Al Qaeda and its affiliate group of Al Shabaab.