Somali Government begins Operation to Restore Peace and Stability in Somalia

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(Mogadishu, December 31, 2011) The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia announced early this morning that it has begun “Operation to Restore Peace and Stability across Somalia” in collaboration with neighboring countries and support from International Community.

“Today, the Government and the people of Somalia have stood up against the evils of Al-Qaeda and Al-shabaab terrorists, who have for so long, terrorized and killed countless Somalis and our neighbors. Our people have suffered harshly under their occupation. Today, we have initiated the process to liberate the tyranny of Al-Qaeda and Al-shabaab from Somalia.” said Somalia Prime Minister, Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali.

The Somali people have suffered under the harsh treatments of extremist groups. Al-shabaab is an affiliate of the international terrorist network led by Al-Qaeda.

“Our Operation to Restore Peace and Stability is proceeding well according to plan. Early this morning, the Somali National Army recaptured some Al-Shabaab occupied territories engaging the enemies in Hiraan and other regions of the country. We are officially requesting for momentous support from neighboring countries such as Ethiopia and the international community at large to assist the Somali people and its government with this historic operation.” added Prime Minister Ali.

The aim of this operation is to free the Somali people from the merciless extremist groups. This operation will extend the safety zone for Somalis to receive international aid which they desperately need.

The Transitional Federal Government urged the International Community and aid agencies to swiftly extend humanitarian assistance to the newly liberated areas.