Somali Draft Provisional Constitution Guidebook


After independence in 1960, the Republic of Somalia adopted a written constitution by national referendum. This was replaced by a new constitution in 1979, adopted again by national referendum. Following the total breakdown of governmental structures in Somalia in the 1990s, the Transitional National Charter, adopted in 2000, was the first attempt to reestablish governmental functions by means of a constitution.

The Transitional National Charter expired in 2003, and was replaced by the Transitional Federal Charter in 2004. Today, this remains the transitional constitution governing the Transitional Federal Government and its institutions. The National Constituent Assembly is now empowered to provisionally adopt a new constitution to replace the Transitional Federal Charter. This constitution would then become the permanent constitution for Somalia pending adoption by national referendum.

The Guide Book below is designed to aid the Somali people to become familiar with the contents of the draft Provisional Constitution.