Situation Report for Acute Watery Diarrhea/Cholera, Epidemiological Week 6 (6 - 12 February 2017)

Situation Report
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  • There was a reduction in the number of AWD/Cholera cases and deaths reported across the country from 913 cases and 10 deaths in week 5 to 854 cases and 9 deaths in week 6

  • A total of 854 AWD/Cholera cases and 9 deaths (CFR 1.1%) were reported during week 6 (6th to 12th February) from 31 districts in 8 regions. Of the 854 AWD cases reported, 198 cases were reported from Baidoa which represents 23% of the total cases

  • New cases were reported and laboratory confirmed from Kismayo in Lower Jubba region

Situation update

  • A total of 854 AWD/Cholera cases and 9 deaths were reported from 33 districts in 8 regions of south central and Puntland of Somalia. However, the case fatality rate remains high during this reporting period.

  • The cumulative number of cases reported were 4 880 cases and 66 deaths (CFR: 1.5%) since January 2017. The current outbreaks affecting nine regions are a spillover from the AWD/Cholera outbreak of the previous year and the situation is exacerbated by severe drought that has affected most parts of the country. Currently the cholera affected regions are located in the South central and Puntland states.

    • Bay Region: A total of 423 cases and 4 deaths were reported in week 6 in the districts of Baidoa, Bayhow, Aliyow Munim and Burhakaba and trends have decreased over the past 2 weeks.

    • *Banadir Region: A total of 109 cases and 0 deaths were reported in 17 districts showing a reduction in case fatality rate. The most affected districts were Hodan and Dharkenley

    • Hiiran Region: A total of 18 cases and 0 death were reported in Beletweyne. However, the trends have decreased compared to the previous week

    • Lower Shebelle Region: A total of 74 cases and 1 death were reported in 6 districts. Cases were reported in Afogoye,Janale,Qoryoley,Marka Hospital,Shanalbond and Hantiwadag. One death was reported in Janale. The number of cases have continued to reduce over the past two weeks.

    • Middle Shebelle: A total of 107 cases and 3 deaths were reported in Jowhar, Mahadaay and Hawaadley. The 3 deaths occurred in Jowhar. The number of cases increased in the past 2 weeks.

    • Lower Jubba: A total of 72 cases and 1 death were reported from Kismayo since the beginning of the year. Cases were reported in Farjano and Fanole sections

    • Bari: A total of 28 cases and 0 deaths were reported from Bossaso during the week. No cases were reported from Ufayn

    • Mudug: A total of 20 cases where reported from the districts of Galkayo, Galdogob and Jariiban

  • Considering the available surveillance data, there is strong evidence that the cholera outbreak is spreading to new villages and districts in Baidoa and Kismayo, and the ongoing drought, subsequent water shortage and malnutrition are exacerbating the spread of the outbreak.

  • Most of the districts reporting the cholera cases are along the Shebelle River and there is a severe water shortage due to dryness of the river

  • Active transmission of cholera is still going in all districts in Banadir region, but Hodan, Daynile, Dharkeynlay and Wadajir recorded the highest number of cholera cases.

  • The affected districts of Bay region are characterized by insecurity making implementation of response activities very diffcult.