Situation Report for Acute Watery Diarrhea/Cholera, Epidemiological Week 3 (16 - 22 January 2017)

Situation Report
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  • As of epidemiological week 3, the AWD/Cholera outbreak in Somalia continues to increase in with more cases being reported from 33 districts in 5 south central regions of the country (refer table 1 below), but the case fatality rate declined.

  • A total of 930 new suspected AWD/cholera cases and 6 deaths were reported from 33 districts during epidemiological week 3 (16th -22nd January). The number of new cases has increased this week as compared to 677 cases and 12 deaths reported in the previous week. Almost 50% of all new cases were recorded in Baidao district, and investigation is ongoing to identify to source of infection.

  • Of the 930 cases reported during this reporting period, 451(48.5%) women while 317 (34%) are children below 5 years.

  • The reported deaths have occurred in Baidao (3), Aliyow Mumin village (1), Banadir (1) and Bal’ad (1).

  • New districts and villages in Lower Shebele and Banadir regions have reported new cholera cases, and the surveillance officers are planning to conduct field investigation and collect specimens

Situation update

  • A total of 2226 suspected AWD/cholera cases and 6 deaths (CFR: 1.4%) were recorded from 33 districts across five regions over three weeks’ period. However, the trend of cholera cases recorded in the last three weeks has increased significantly as compared to the cases reported in the same period last year (Refer to below epidemic curve). It’s important to note that the current cholera cases were a spill-over from last year’s major cholera outbreak, which recorded 15,619 cases and 548 deaths. Last year’s outbreak was one of the largest and longest in which the country has experienced in the last five years.

    • Bay Region: a total of 1,051 cholera cases and 12 deaths were recorded in Baidao district as of week 3 and the trend has been increasing in the last three weeks.

    • Banadir Region: a total of 444 cholera cases 14 deaths were recorded across 17 districts across the region and the number of reported cases and deaths have declined slightly on week 3.

    • Hiiran Region: a total of 192 cholera cases and 2 deaths were recorded in Beletweyn, Jalalaqsi and Buuloburte, and the trend of cases and deaths declined in the last two weeks.

    • Lower Shebelle Region: a total of 327 cholera cases and 2 deaths were recorded in Marka,Shalanbod,Waagaade,Janaale and other Villages and Qoryoley districts, and the trend has declined on week 3.

    • Middle Shebelle: a total of 222 cholera cases and 1 death were recorded in Jowhar, Mahaday, Balad and other villages, and the outbreak has spread to new communities during this reporting period.

  • Considering the available surveillance data, there is strong evidence that the cholera outbreak is spreading to new villages and districts, and some districts are reporting increased number of cases and deaths.

  • Somalia continues to experience severe draught in most part of the country resulting water shortage, food insecurity, malnutrition and disease outbreaks.

  • Most of the districts reporting the cholera cases are along the Shebelle River and there is a severe water shortage due to dryness of the river.

  • Active transmission of cholera is still going in all districts in Banadir region, but Hodan. Daynile, Dharkeynlay and Wadajir recorded the highest number of cholera cases.