Shelter Cluster Somalia NFI Market Assessment Report, March 2017



According to the March data from PRMN, drought displacements figure has reached a total of 440,000 individuals in all regions of Somalia. It is difficult to predict how many households will eventuallybe in need, but the Shelter Cluster estimates that more than 700,000 drought affected persons will be in need of emergency Non-Food Items or emergency shelter in the first six months of 2017. The total cost of these activities are estimated to be around 25 million dollars.

The Shelter Cluster has put in place a leadership system to strengthen the response capacity on the ground. The system looks at strengthening the capacity at field level through pre-positioned standard NFI kits, while also strengthening the local market with a strong emphasis on cash and voucher mechanisms. This will ensure that all regions can trigger an immediate response through existing stocks, while scaling up with the markets. Shelter Cluster works closely together with the CASH working group.