Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC) Survey Report Conducted in Baidoa District, Bay Region, South West State, Somalia, 11th May -14th June 2022



The Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC) survey is a methodology suited to investigate IMAM program coverage and map out barriers and boosters. The SQUEAC survey was implemented in the month of May 2022. Save the Children International (SCI) is currently working closely with Ministry of Health (MoH) & Gredo in supporting implementation of Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) programs in 12 sites in Baidoa District. MoH works closely with SCI, Gredo, IOM, IMC, DMO, SOS, ACF, WVI & other partners in implementation of SAM treatment programs in 45 sites.

Summary of quantitative findings

The GAM & SAM prevalence in Baidoa IDPs and Bay Agro-Pastoral based on Post-Jiilal 2022 follow-up survey increased when compared to Post-Deyr 2021. The SAM admissions have been on increasing trend with highest peak observed in 2022 (January –April) when compared to previous years (2021 and 2020). The increase in SAM admissions was attributed to persistent drought with failure of deyr and Gu rainfall seasons overtime coupled with burden of under- five illnesses to include; AWD, ARI etc
The discharge outcomes for SAM treatment programs to include; cured rates, defaulter rates, death and non-response rates were at 96.1%, 2.4%, 0.5% and 1.0% respectively.
The median MUAC at admission in OTP was 11.2cm, an indication of early admission to the program implying cases are detected early and referred to the program for treatment. The main referral source of SAM cases admitted to the OTP was family MUAC. The family (mother)- led MUAC program where caregivers received training on how to screen their children using colour-coded MUAC tapes and later make an informed choice to visit the health centre. The median MUAC at cured in OTP was 11.7cm an indication that cases receive the benefits of SAM treatment till recovery.
The median length of stay at discharged cured in SAM treatment programs in Baidoa District was 6 weeks an indication that cases receive the benefits of SAM treatment within the recommended 8 weeks in program.