Secondary Data Review: Horn of Africa #3 23.09.2011 – 15.12.2011

Date of publication: 16.12. 2011

Prepared by: ACAPS, Geneva

Nature of the crisis: Drought and Displacement

NOTE: This document is an update of the SDR published on 22 September. The updated information is represented with red full dots throughout the document. About this document: This document is a desk study in which estimates of scale, severity and likely impact of a natural or man-induced disaster are determined. It aims to inform decision making for preparedness and emergency response. Information has been gathered through a review of secondary data, field studies taking place during the emergency, contact with individuals working in the field, and use of lessons learned and experience from past similar crises or disasters. The SDR is intended to complement and integrate assessment-related information from other agencies and feedback is welcome on how this document can be improved ( ECB and ACAPS thank agencies and NGOs who have shared the data and analysis which made this report possible. Disclaimer: Information provided is provisional as it has not been possible to independently verify field reports. As this report covers highly dynamic subject, utility of the information may decrease with time. Due to the volatile and dynamic situation in this region, please monitor the situation and obtain information from agencies operating in the field before travelling to these areas. Please use the most recent update.