Safety Audit Report - Hargeisa, Somaliland - June 2019

from ACTED, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, CCCM Cluster
Published on 26 Sep 2019 View Original


ACTED conducted the first round of safety audit in June 2019 in 16 IDP sites in Hargeisa. The goal of the exercise was to evaluate site level GBV risks associated to the physical structure, camp layout and provision of critical services. Specifically, the assessment was undertaken with the following objectives:

• To observe and evaluate site level protection/GBV risks associated to the camp layout, camp infrastructures and services such WASH, shelter as well as safety and security;

• To understand vulnerabilities that make affected population more expose to GBV risks, particularly women and girls;

• To recommend mitigation measures to be taken collectively by humanitarian actors to reduce the identified risks and/or vulnerabilities identified;

This report contains key findings gathered during data collection and it provides actionable recommendations to reduce the identified GBV risks and vulnerabilities. The majority of these IDP camps are overcrowded, self-settled makeshift with improvised shelters. Most of sites are overcrowded, with no pathways between the shelters, which contribute to make the sites particularly vulnerable to fire outbreak.

All the assessed sites don’t have physical structures surrounding them:

Among the priority needs of the IDPs living in settlements as stated by the participants, are access to Health, water, education, sanitation and hygiene. Actors operating in the sites should ensure minimum actions are taken to mitigate protection risks, particularly those associated with WASH and Shelter.

The findings from the safety audit were presented by ACTED during a CCCM Sector Meeting in Hargeisa on the 12th September. The CCCM team will regularly follow up on actions taken to address the recommendations and will monitor the effectiveness of mitigation measures implemented and identify new risks that might need to be addressed in the next round of GBV Safety Audit, scheduled in December 2019. The report and the annexes will be disseminated among the humanitarian community, local authorities and service providers to advocate for measures aiming at improving safety and living conditions in the sites and equal access to services for the affected population.