Safety Audit Report - Garowe, Nugaal Region November 2018



Between 12thto 15th Nov 2018 ACTED CCCM team in cooperation with GBV partners Muslim Aid, TASS, UNHCR and together with a representative from MOWDAFA (Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs) conducted a Safety Audit Assessment in 21 IDPs site in Garowe, Puntland. Majority of the IDPs living in Garowe settlements come from south central part of Somalia, while others were displaced by the recent drought.

Safety audits assessments enable humanitarian actors to identify observable risks and assess specific vulnerabilities of displaced population living in settlements.

This Safety Audit is the second one conducted by ACTED in the 21 IDPs sites: the first one took place in June, and results were circulated to the partners in Garowe as well as with the Clusters. Specifically, the assessment was undertaken with the following objectives:

• To observe and evaluate site level protection/GBV risk associated to the camp layout, camp infrastructures and services such WASH, shelter as well as safety and security;

• To understand vulnerabilities that make affected population more expose to GBV risks, particularly women and girls;

• To recommend mitigation measures to be taken collectively by humanitarian actors to reduce the identified risks and/or vulnerabilities identified;

The analysis of findings from safety audits has been used to provide recommendations for possible mitigation actions to be taken both by ACTED and other service providers in the sites.

The CCCM team will regularly follow up on the implementation of recommendations and in the next round of GBV Safety Audit, scheduled in May 2019 will monitor the effectiveness of any mitigation measures implemented and identify new risks that might need to be addressed.

The report and the annexes to this report will be disseminated in order to advocate with the humanitarian community and service providers to improve the physical safety and living conditions in the sites, as well as distribution of and access to services for the affected populations. Additionally, during a workshop that took place on 27th and 28th November 2018 in Garowe, CCCM tea presented the Safety Audit findings to colleagues and stakeholders active in Garowe sites and discuss recommendations to address identified GBV risks.