SAACID Monthly Health & Nutrition Bulletin - September 2014


Stabilization Centre Performance Update

In 2011, SAACID began raising scarce private funds for the construction of a Stabilization Centre (SC) for the inpatient treatment of severely malnourished children with medical complications. Land was donated in Yaqshid District in a safe and easily accessible area for underserved communities throughout Mogadishu City. Construction began in April 2012, and after fifteen months of construction, fit-out, and training, the centre saw its first patient on June 22nd 2013.

To date the SC has treated 905 acutely malnourished children with medical complications. Seventy-three percent were new admissions, while 27% were referred from Outpatient Therapeutic Programmes (OTPs). Twenty-five percent of all admissions were malnourished children less than 6 months old, while 75% were children 6-59 months old.

Since the beginning of the CTC Programme in 2009, SAACID has consistently seen that the majority of admissions into the outpatient programmes have been female children at 55-57% of admissions. In comparison, of the 905 admissions into the SC to date, 48% were female children, and a very slight majority of 52% were male.

Discharge outcomes at the SC have been well within the international SPHERE standards of >75% cured. Eighty-eight percent of children admitted were cured and either sent home (usually in the case of children <6 months old) or referred to an OTP to continue with outpatient treatment. See page 1 for photos of a patient before and after treatment.

SAACID would like to express our most sincere appreciation to all the donors who helped make the SC a reality, and to the extremely dedicated SC staff that continue to tirelessly save the lives of Somalia’s most vulnerable children every day.