SAACID Monthly Health & Nutrition Bulletin - October 2014


Community-Based Therapeutic Care (CTC)
Mogadishu, Somalia
OTP/SC for <5s – October 2014
OTP/SC in-charge at end of month 3,023
OTP new admissions this month 2,076
SC admissions this month 74
Percentage +/- from last month¹ 2.3%
District² with highest admissions HWG
OTP cured rate this month 93%
OTP default rate this month 6.6%
SC success rate this month 91%
Avg. weight gain (g/kg/day) 4.43
Average length of stay 58 days
SAM cases over the last 12 months 18,383
EPI Activities – October 2014

of children vaccinated 3,234

of women vaccinated (TTV) 510

Cumulative children - 12 months 25,687
Cumulative women - 12 months 4,820
SAACID, in partnership with UNICEF, operates a health and nutrition network across Mogadishu City; treating severely malnourished children under 5 years of age, providing counselling and micro-nutrient supplementation to pregnant and lactating women, immunization services, TB treatment, and hygiene promotion. This bulletin provides figures and highlights from this month’s activities.