Rising above devastation to rebuild and recover lives

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Rehabilitated borehole in Armale village that is increasing access to clean water for vulnerable families in Sanaag region © ACTED Somalia, 2017

Creating sustainable access to water through repair of water sources

The ongoing drought in most parts of Somalia has led to severe depletion of livestock herds and resulted in increased urban migration of people in search of food and water. When the drought hit the region, many families lost their livelihoods and access to food and clean water was limited.

To deal with the water shortage in the region, ACTED through European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) funding has provided clean and safe water to families in six villages in Sanaag region. In addition, 2,520 vulnerable families are still receiving financial support to help them cope with the devastating effects of the drought.

Hawo, a mother of six, solely depended on pastoralism to feed her family. She earned money from selling cattle, milk and other animal products. Due to lack of fodder and water, a large number of Hawo’s cattle died. To cope with her family’s growing needs, Hawo had to sell the remaining cattle, leaving her family impoverished. Selected as a cash beneficiary, she has since benefitted immensely from the support and is slowly regaining her livelihood. “We lost our cattle and livelihoods but thanks to ACTED and EU Humanitarian Aid we now have a solution to our problems. From the cash I receive, I am now able to provide my family with food and medication,” said Hawo. The cash received helps families meet their most basic needs such as food and water, as well as pay their accumulated debts.

In Mid-2017, the region received some long awaited seasonal rains which increased water levels in the region. ACTED sought to create sustainability by rehabilitating shallow wells and boreholes with funding from EU Humanitarian Aid, Somalia Humanitarian Funding and Suez initiatives. This is set to improve the supply of clean, safe water and improve the health of vulnerable communities.

“It gives us joy to know that we have been able to save and secure people’s lives,” ACTED’s Area Coordinator for Sanaag region explains.