Report on Inter-Agency Monitoring of Drought Conditions in Puntland, 14-20 May 2016


1. Introduction

A joint drought response monitoring mission was conducted from 14 – 20 May, 2016. The findings of the report are based on data and information gathered by the teams through interviews with local authorities, community representatives, key informants, community meetings, group discussions and direct observations in each location that was visited. The mission comprising UN and NGOs and led by OCHA and HADMA was divided into four teams, two from Bossaso and the other two from Garowe.

The failure of three 3 consecutive rains (Gu’ and Deyr in 2015 and also Gu’ in 2016) resulted in severe drought that has affected thousands of people in Puntland, where communities in Bari, Nugaal, Sool, Sanaag and Karkaar regions were the most affected. Generally the Gu rains were delayed and the performance was poor in terms of coverage and distribution in most of the areas visited including parts of Northern Inland Pastoral and Nugaal Valley except west and northwest of Hawd Livelihood Zone. This aggravated the already poor conditions that resulted from below-average 2015 Deyr rains, influenced by El Niño. An initial appeal issued by the Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Agency (HADMA) in January 2016 was followed by another appeal from the President of Puntland State of Somalia the following month, reaffirming HADMA’s earlier request to the humanitarian partners to provide assistance to drought affected communities.

By mid-March, when the situation became acute in most of the affected areas, partners who had mobilized own funds started providing assistance to people in hard hit areas. Partners continued to respond to the people affected by the drought which was coupled with mobilization of additional funds.

The last week of April witnessed the start of rains in Puntland. The rains were heavy in some places and light in others. Forecasts by SWALIM predicted some rains in most part of Puntland during the Gu rain season.

Further to the onset of the rains, HADMA in conjunction with the drought committee in Puntland had advised that all water trucking/voucher activities be halted while partners reconsider the option to reprogram their interventions pending the performance of the rains in terms of intensity and coverage.

In view of the above, HADMA with concurrence from OCHA and other humanitarian actors agreed to conduct a joint monitoring mission to selected locations in Bari, Sanaag, Nugaal and Sool regions.


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