Regional mixed migration summary for June 2013

from Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat
Published on 30 Jun 2013

Somalia (S-C)

Somali movements to Yemen: An estimated 691 Somalis arrived on the Yemeni shores in June 2013, a 36%decrease from May 2013 and 24% decrease from June 2012. Somali arrivals are primarily from south and central Somalia. Many of the new arrivals have an intermediate level of education. Somali migrants/refugees cite the search for economic opportunities in Yemen and beyond. Somali migrants/refugees also cite insecurity and an increase in cases of sexual and gender based violence perpetuated largley by government forces.

Modalities of Travel: Somalis continue to rely on a smuggling ring in Mogadishu. They reportedly paid USD 450for the entire journey to Yemen.

Migrant Vulnerability: Somali migrants/refugees who travelled from Mogadishu to Galkayo reported beingdetained and interrogated by Puntland police before they were allowed to enter Hargeisa. The distance betweenGalkayo and Hargeisa can be up to 800km.

IDP levels in Somalia remain approximately 1.1 million: An estimated 32,780 Somalis were (newly) internally displaced in the first half of the year. In June, 5,320 Somalis were internally displaced due to evictions, insecurity, lack of livelihood opportunities, clan conflict, forced return and drought. Displaced populations moved mainly to Shabelle Dhexe, Banadir, Shabelle Hoose, Juba Hoose and Bay regions. An estimated 4,485 IDPs have returned to their homes since January 2013.

Somali Returns: An estimated 2,100 Somali returns were recorded in June 2013. The total figure of Somali returns in the first half of 2013 is 20, 207 primarily from Kenya, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Refugees and Asylum seekers: At the end of June 2013 there were 1,018,695 Somali refugees in the region mainly hosted in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Yemen. An estimated 15,911 sought refuge in neighbouring countries in the first half of 2013. Somalia is host to 2,339 refugees and 8,931 registered asylum seekers.