Regional mixed migration summary for July 2013

from Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat
Published on 31 Jul 2013

Somalia (S-C)

Somali movements to Yemen: An estimated 623 Somalis arrived on the Yemeni shores in July 2013, a 9% decrease from June 2013 and 57% decrease from June 2012. The decrease in Somali arrivals may be as a result of the change in the political situation in Somalia or the push from Saudi Arabia authorities who have tightened their border controls in recent months, as well as poor weather conditions resutling in unfavourable sea conditions. Somali migrants/refugees are mostly from south and central Somalia including Mogadishu, Benadir, Lower and Middle Juba and the Shabelles. They mainly belong to the Hawiye, Isaq and Darood clans but some new arrivals placed themselves within the minority clans of Digil Mirifle, Rahanweyn or Jareer. Many of the new arrivals have primary level of education. They cite insecurity in south and central somalia, Alshabab attacks on civilians, fear of forced recruitment and the search for economic opportunities in gulf countries as their reason for flight.

Modalities of Travel: Somalis continue to rely on a smuggling network in Mogadishu. They paid USD 450 for the trip to Yemen. They flew to Hargeisa and entered Djibouti at Loya Ade. Those who travel independently flew to Hargeisa at the cost of USD 120 and paid USD 70 for inland transportation from Hargeisa to Loya Ade and Obock. Migrants/refugees reported paying USD 150 for the boat journey to Yemen.

IDP levels in Somalia remain approximately 1.1 million: Over 36,000 Somalis have been displaced since the beginning of the year. In July, 4,130 Somalis were internally displaced a 22% decrease from June 2013. Displacement was mainly due to evictions, insecurity, lack of livelihood opportunities, clan conflict, forced return and drought. Displaced populations moved mainly to Shabelle Dhexe, Benadir, Shabelle Hoose, Juba Hoose and Bay regions. Since January 2013, 1,734 IDP families have been assisted to return home to the Bay and Shabelle region, and 980 IDPs spontaneously returned to their homes in and around Mogadishu in July 2013. An estimated 5,500 IDPs have spontaneously returned to their homes since January 2013.

Somali Refugee Returns: An estimated 2,500 Somali refugee returns were recorded in July 2013. Since January 2013 over 22,500 Somali refugees have returned to Somalia primarily from Kenya, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Refugees and Asylum seekers: In July there were 1,015, 254 Somali refugees in the region. Kenya hosts the largest Somali refugee population followed by Ethiopia and Yemen. Over 21,612 Somalis have sought refuge in neighbouring countries since January 2013. Mogadishu is host to 62 refugees from Zanzibar.