RCCE Feedback Assessment in IDP sites – May 2020

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Somalia faces myriad compounding factors that ultimately make it one of the most complex and challenging humanitarian context in the world. Ongoing conflict within the country coupled with environmental climate disasters lead to frequent displacement which puts pressure on delicate government structures and established infrastructure. Currently, there are currently 2.6 million displaced people within the country inhabiting 2,143 internally displaced people (IDP) sites throughout the nation.

Prior to the onslaught of COVID-19, Somalia IDP sites were facing acute challenges that undermined service providers efforts of raising living standards. Perennial displacement due to conflict and environmental factors have created a strain on the already limited resources available in urban and peri-urban IDP sites. Additionally, new arrivals of displaced populations tend to move into spontaneously created settlements that are precariously settled on public or private land.

Of the 1843 IDP sites surveyed in 2019's Detailed Site Assessment, 813 sites or 44% of IDP sites do not possess adequate space for movements within the built environment.l Moreover, compounding factors such as lack of adequate drainage, sanitation and shelter spacing produce conditions that are favourable for the transmissions of COVID-19.

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