Rapid Nutrition Assessment (MUAC) in Bulo Burte Urban, Hiran Region, Somalia - FSNAU Special Issue, April 2015



In March 2014, Somalia National Army supported by AMISOM troops recovered Bulo Burte town of Hiran Region from insurgents. The town was subsequently subjected to a siege by the insurgents who prevented trade and population movement to and from Bulu Burte town. This siege has cut all means of transport and population movement in the area and worsened the already precarious food insecurity in the area. As a result, staple food prices increased sharply by the June 2014, which severely compromised the food security of most residents of Bulo Burte town1. Consequently, FSNAU and partners projected that 8 950 people will be in an acute food security Emergency (IPC 4) in Bulo Burte for the period August to December 2014. There has been a decline in staple cereal prices between July and December 2014. However, cereal prices remained significantly higher compared to prices at the beginning of 2014. In the absence of significant expected improvements, FSNAU and partners classified 8 950 people in Bulo Burte to remain in acute food security Emergency (IPC Phase 4) through June 2015.

This Special Update is intended to provide an update on the food security and nutrition situation in Bulo Burte based on cereal prices, labor-wage to cereals terms of trade and results of a rapid nutrition assessment conducted in Bulo Burte town in April 2015.