Rapid Assessment on Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation Report: LasAnod and Buuhoodle 8/4/2014


Summary of the Assessment

Population Size and water sources

The populations of the 10 assessed villages of Buuhoodle and LasAnod are estimated 55644 persons that consist of 27413 men and 28231 women. Of the 55644, 28231 are hosts and 27413 are IDPs. The 10 assessed locations has 856 unprotected well, 102 protected well, 4 functional boreholes, 2 dysfunctional boreholes, 7 water pan functioning, 18 dysfunctional water pan, 135 functional berkads and 150 dysfunctional berkads.

WASH Levels

The sanitation and hygiene levels in this areas is one that calls for immediate action and awareness, unfortunately it's familiar to come across the water well, pool, the water channel and the rubbish dump all located in the same place or next to each other. As such people in these areas are also in great need of awareness on sanitation and cleaning equipment such as wheelbarrows and shovels