Quarterly Joint Analysis Workshop (JAW) – South West State (online) Somalia Protection Monitoring System, Quarter 1; January-March 2022


Objectives and Methodology

  1. Agree on the validity and relevance of the findings

  2. Identify the causes and triggers of the key protection concerns, connectors/dividers, and coping mechanism

  3. Agree on actions to be taken by relevant stakeholders, including:

a. Adjustments in the response and protection programming

b. Advocacy messages and actions

The following methodology was applied:

• PowerPoint Presentation with an overview of validation of findings

• Group break-out sessions

• Plenary decision-making process

• Q&A’s an open-ended discussion

SPMS Background

The purpose of the Somalia Protection Monitoring System (SPMS) is the systematic and regular collection and analysis of information over an extended period to identify trends and patterns of violations of rights and protection risks for populations of concern to inform effective programming and advocacy. Data collection in South West State started in March 2019. The Joint Analysis Workshops have as aim to reflect on findings and agree on validity. As best practice, the JAW is preceded by a community preparation meeting, with the same aim. The inputs of community members are considered in the JAW, organized with key stakeholders active in the relevant state. The separation of stakeholders and community reflection meetings is to ensure community members feel uninhibited in sharing opinions and recommendations.