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Qatar Charity creates more and more productive families

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According to Qatar Charity's vision, productive projects are considered one of the four strategic fields which the Charity concentrates on since 2007.

Thus, the Charity seeks to transform poor families into productive ones.This, for sure, keeps the human dignity of the poor, fights poverty and establishes sustainable development.

It also trains more men and women to be productive parents and grants them beautiful loans to establish and carry out projects.

The Charity has practiced this policy in many countries in order to help widows and infirm men.

The following true examples reflect the Charity's successful policy as described above.

Mona's Project in Somalia.

Mona Muhammad 'Abdul Noor, a mother of five children, has lost her husband in war between 2006 and 2007. She left her village to live in a camp for the displaced in Mogadishu after a long hard journey. She spent a long period of time living on small aid, without suitable health or educational care. She took part in a training program for productive families held by Qatar Charity in association with Hamdi Organization for Child and Woman in Somalia.

At the end of the program, she has received a sewing machine from the training program which was financed by Qatar Charity. Thus, she has become a productive woman via sewing new clothes and patching old clothes. The whole family entered a new stage of life: good food, better clothes, health care and a good chance for education.

Khadim al-Islam's family in Bangladesh leaves behind poverty forever.

It was a remarkable change in the life of Khadim al-Islam. He was living in a cottage in Sadr village. Five persons were living in poverty, just a half dollar daily. They did not meet any of the essentials of life.Every thing changed within two years. He received a loan ($600) from Qatar Charity to finance a small project: "a milky cow and a calf". So, he changed his family's life: good food, better clothing, health care, suitable housing and education. His new income became $ three per day.

Fatimah is running a small factory of clothes in Gaza.

Fatimah al-Ashqar,a widow from Gaza, sponsors a family of six persons via charitable aid. Ladies of Jabalia Camp did their best to help her have a small factory of sewing as a productive project. Qatar Charity financed the project .

She sells some of the production in the market. The whole family meet their essential needs via this productive project.

Hasan restores his good living in Indonesia.

Tsunami changed Hasan's life. He lost his carpentry workshop. He did his best to restart his work again, but in vain. Then, he received a good loan from Qatar Charity and resumed his work in the carpentry workshop. His sales amounted to $ 1700 monthly, 500 net profit. The whole family enjoy a good life