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PRMN Flash Report Drought Update 2/2017 (23 February 2017)


Increased displacements caused by drought in South & Central Somalia

Based on ongoing reports from UNHCR PRMN’s partners in the field, new displacements of at least 47,000 individuals have been reported due to the ongoing drought in the period 1-23 February 2017. These movements are predominantly from rural areas to urban and peri-urban locations.

1. Mogadishu arrivals 1-16 February 2017

About 1,780 households (approximately 10,700 individuals) displaced by drought were recorded as arriving in Mogadishu from Lower Shabelle (Dacaaraha) and Bay (Cadaad-Gari, Idale, Xawaal-Bar Barbaar, and Safar-Noleys). They have joined 30 IDP settlements including War-Abdi and Qanasax-Dheere in Kaxda district and Waaga-Baryay2 and Caanool in Deynille distict. The priority needs of the new arrivals include food, water and shelter.

2. Mogadishu arrivals 17-23 February 2017 UPDATE

A further 872 households (5,460 individuals) displaced by drought from Gaduudo-Duntay, Rooday-Gaduudo, Masuubiye, Moora-gaab, Ufurow in Bay Region and Buulo-Warbo, Banbaas, Tayaglow, and Qod-Qado in Lower Shabelle have reached Mogadishu in the week ending 23 February. Another group has also arrived from Ceel-Looble, Ceel-Dhanawle and Ceel-Ure in Bakool region. Field monitors recorded the arrivals in Kaxda and Deynille districts, in Banadir (Mogadishu) district. Please find a breakdown at the end of this report (Table 1) of the settlements the new arrivals have joined.

3. Gedo arrivals and movements to Ethiopia

In the same period, as a result of the effects of shortage of water, crop failure and loss of livestock, almost 7,000 individuals from Bay, Bakool and Gedo have been recorded reaching many parts of Gedo region. 4,120 arrived in Dollow while some were also monitored crossing the border to Ethiopia. More than 500 arrived at Shilin village near Dollow from Tosiley, Gobadiya, Goofo and Caracase villages; while 162 individuals reached Luuq. More than 1,100 individuals reached Bardhere from Eesow and Juungal villages, and 300 individuals arrived in Beledhawa.

4. Kismayo, Lower Juba

About 600 individuals (99 households) were reported arriving to Kismayo from neighbouring Abdalla Birolle, Bula Haji, Abdi Dhore, Yaaqraar, Yaaq Bishar, Shabelley, Turqato, KaadWeyn and Abaaq Banbale.