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PRMN Flash Report Drought Update 1/2017 (27 January 2017)


New movements caused by drought in South & Central Somalia Based on ongoing reports from PRMN partners in the field, at least 30,790 individuals (approximately 5,132 households (HH)) have been reported as displaced due to the ongoing drought in the period 1-22 January 2017.

  1. Mogadishu arrivals

Between 18 and 22 January about 124 households displaced by drought were reported as reaching Mogadishu from Xabiiboyaal, Cadaad-Gari, Gur-baan,
Aqab-taag and Dacaaraha, Idale, Safar-Noleys, Bay, and Lower Shabelle regions. They have joined the following IDP settlements: Danyar, Cambar, Fuley Ddheer, Xabib, and Boqolson. So far this month, more than 8,298 individuals displaced by drought have arrived in Mogadishu.

  1. Gedo arrivals and movements to Ethiopia

In the period 1-22 January, movements have been reported as a result of the effects of a shortage of water, crop failure, and loss of livestock from Bay , Bakool and Gedo with those displaced reaching many parts of Gedo region. In Dollow, 546 individuals were monitored crossing the border toward Ethiopia; while 3536 individuals reached Luuq; 1,204 individuals reached Bardhere, and 104 individuals arrived in Beledhawa.

  1. Baidoa arrivals

As of 22 January 2017, more than 7,000 arrivals had been recorded in Baidoa having covered the distance on foot, in donkey carts and trucks. Most of these households (800) have joined IDP settlements in Baidoa including Kormari, Hanano 2, Alla Weyn, Salaamey Idaale, Idaale 1, and Alla Amin. Eighty percent (80%) of the newly displaced households originate from villages in the Bay region.

  1. Bay region - Al-Shabaab

Other reports from the field indicate that drought coupled with heavy “taxation” by Al-Shabaab had led to significant displacement in many parts of Bay region especially Dinsoor and Qansahdhere. Qansahdhere and Dinsoor districts remain effectively isolated by AlShabaab with few goods going in or out of the two districts.