OIC Directs Urgent Relief Appeal for Hunger-Stricken People in Somalia

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has made an urgent appeal to Member States, charitable humanitarian organizations in the Muslim world, and international organizations to contain the grievous situation in Somalia, and to extend aid and assistance to the Somali people in the difficult circumstances facing the country. Somalia suffers its worst drought in many years at a time when a million people face humanitarian crisis and millions more are in the throes of hunger and thirst.

The OIC pointed out the increased number of displaced persons due to the difficult conditions and events in Somalia. This is to say nothing of the spiraling costs of food and mounting number of children hit by malnutrition, water-borne diseases and dearth of necessary life - supporting health services.

In this context, the OIC announced that it had put together an urgent US$ 2,780,405 humanitarian programme for the victims of hunger in Somalia. Part of this amount would be used to feed 700,000 people in seven Somali provinces. The medical component of the programme would treat about 100,000 Somalis, while another 800,000 would benefit from water distribution programmes for drinking and livestock raring.

The OIC appeals to donor agencies and relief organizations to come forward urgently with their assistance and support so as to make the said programme a success.