National Security Committee met about the parliamentary crises

News and Press Release
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(Mogadishu 05th January 2012)An ordinary meeting was held yesterday by the National Security Committee. The agenda of the meeting was about the Security situation of the country and the current political crisis in the Parliament.
The meeting which was chaired by the President of Somalia, H.E. Sheikh Sharif sheikh Ahmed and was participated by the Speaker of the Parliament, the Prime Minister of the TFG, the deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Defense, The Minister of Justice, The Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications, the Deputy Minister of Interior and National Security, the Heads of the Armed Services and the Governor of Banadir region (the Somali Capital, Mogadishu), described the damage done to the Parliament furnishings and equipment as something very unfortunate and apologized to the Somali people about this irresponsible incident.
The Committee taking into account the difficulty situation the country is in, the existing security and political condition of the country and the persistent meetings which have caused fighting among the members of Parliament, and to safeguard the name and the honour of the nation, have decided on the following:

a) That today’s meeting, and the preceding ones, which caused the fighting, are illegal as well as null and void.

b) That an investigation should be undertaken immediately in connection to the crimes committed against persons and the damage to the national property and the parliament building.

c) In order to stop the reoccurrence of further crisis and to get the country out of the difficulty situation it is in; the completion and the approval of the new constitution as well as the selection of the new parliament should be speeded up.

Finally, the National Security committee is requesting from all the members of the parliament to respect the Transitional Federal Charter which is the basis of the countries’ laws.