Mudug Region – Situation Analysis October 2012



Mudug region lies between Galgaduud of central and Nugaal of North East (Puntland) regions. It has five districts, and partly lies alongside the Indian Ocean. The population of Mudug region is estimated to be 131,455 (UNDP 2005). The region hosts 84,000 Internally Displaced Population (IDPs), according to UNHCR October Report.

Mudug and Galgaduud regions suffer from increased ongoing political tensions. There are also localized resource-based conflicts in rural settlements. Marine piracy attacks, previously a big menace, have declined in the past six months. The direct and indirect impacts have been human casualties, injuries and population displacement. Furthermore, there has been trade disruptions, a downturn in economic activities and transportation networks. Restrictions on population and livestock movements to key grazing areas and markets are also reported. The threat of sea piracy has also continued to restrict trade/imports and influences increased price levels of commodities. Local cereals are brought from southern Somalia while imported commodities come from Bossaso and Mogadishu.

The security situation in the region is stable but fluid, and humanitarian access remains a major challenge in the region due to political tensions and sporadic clan conflicts. The main humanitarian issues in the region are recurrent drought, lack of adequate sources of livelihood especially for drought-affected pastoralists, rural and urban poor, and hyperinflation affecting the purchasing power of the most vulnerable groups.


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