Mogadishu cannot qualify as an Internal Flight Alternative

from Amnesty International
Published on 26 Sep 2013 View Original

AI Index: AFR 52/012/2013

In May 2013, Denmark – along with other states – changed its policy towards returns to Somalia. Denmark no longer consider Mogadishu as having a situation of generalised violence that would put the lives of any Somalis at risk if returned there; an individual assessment determines the risk for any particular individual. However Denmark is now attempting to argue that Mogadishu can be used as an internal flight alternative; that is, that Somalis not from the city can be safely returned to Mogadishu.

Amnesty International recognises that there have been improvements in the security situation in Mogadishu over the last two years; however the organization believes that its analysis of the situation described in its May 2013 statement - Returns to South and Central Somalia: A Violation of International Law, attached hereto, is still valid. Amnesty International continues to oppose any attempts to forcibly return people to the Somali capital, Mogadishu and/or any other parts of south and central Somalia given the real risk of human rights violations and abuses due to limited government control, the significant continued presence of al-Shabab,1 and the ongoing armed conflict.

People returning to Somalia are at risk of ending up living in IDP settlements where they are vulnerable to serious human rights and humanitarian abuses including physical and sexual violence, looting, diversion of aid as well as many abuses of socio-economic rights.