Middle Juba Fact Sheet, February 2012

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 29 Feb 2012

Operational Context

Middle Juba has been under Al Shabaab’s control since 2008 and the region was generally stable until January 2012 when Kenyan and Ethiopian forces and their TFG allies began to advance towards the region from the South and the West, respectively. Jilib district was repeatedly hit by airstrikes, resulting in civilian deaths and casualties.

The Middle Juba region is prone to frequent droughts and floods resulting in aid‐dependency, food shortages and diseases outbreaks.

The region has very limited employment and trade opportunities.
Humanitarian response in the Middle Juba region was heavily affected by the ban on humanitarian and UN agencies by Al Shabaab on 28 November 2011. The presence of several, mainly local, partners ensure continued delivery of life‐saving assistance.

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