Mass MUAC assessment report in Adado rural villages


Adado district with its rural areas have faced extreme droughts with conflicts from nongovernment armed forces in some villages including baxdo, marsamage and cadakibir, those problems leads displacement and nutrition situation to be worsen. Meanwhile there is inflation of food and non-food essential items in the market price that leads families to minimize what they have eating which accelerate malnutrition to be increased specially under-five children which are more susceptible then others. The recent AS attacks in adakibir were displaced more 563 hundred families, around 200 of them were arrived to Ardo village which is no enough humanitarian assistance accept OTP project implemented by DEH and will last 30 Sep 2022. For those people who fled from those recent AS attacks have no humanitarian assistance including health, nutrition, WASH, and food security and that will result very serious situation unless they will get a prompt response.

To know and asses the rate of malnutrition in adado district particularly in rural areas, DEH conducted Mass MUAC screening in some selected villages including Ardo, dhumoodle, docoleey, habaasley, qaradhi and wad. Some of those villages hosted new arrivals from recent conflict areas.