Mapping of Nutrition Activities and Capacity Development Requirements in Somalia 2011

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1. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

The 2010-2011 Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) work-plan began with implementation of a systematic capacity mapping in 8 priority countries in 20111. The Somalia capacity mapping exercise intends to increase the timeliness and effectiveness of nutrition responses in this emergency context. It is important to obtain accurate information on who is doing what and where on capacity building and for what purpose and with what resources, in the different regions of Somalia. This mapping exercise is planned to be undertaken at regular intervals as part of preparedness and kept up to date, tracking validity of declared capacity. Primarily, this baseline phase informs the rationale of a multi-year capacity building plan. In addition, it acts as a key information source for any subsequent Inter-agency Contingency Planning work. This falls in line with Somalia NC objectives and in-country strategy where the need to build the capacity of the nutrition response actors has been recognized as a key component in the drive for quality nutrition programme delivery as outlined by the Somalia Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) 2011 cluster response plan objective number 3 and in the Somalia Nutrition Strategy 2011-2013 (Outcome 6: improved capacity and means in country to deliver essential nutrition services)