Low key visits to Sigale and Bulo hubey Wadajir and Hodan district, Mogadishu 20 June 2016



Heavy rains on Thursday 16 June resulted in flooding of low lying areas in Mogadishu including Bulo hubey and Sigale neighborhoods in Wadajir and Hodan districts respectively. In Sigaale, about 20 IDP settlements were affected by heavy rains and flooding from a nearby reservoir. The Isbartiibada Hassan Hilaac neighborhood in Bulo hubey (which hosts about 800 households, majority of them from the host community) was also affected as the nearby reservoir flooded. In order to assess the impact of the rains and subsequent flooding, OCHA conducted low key visits to Sigale on Friday 17 June and to Bulo hubey on 20 June 2016. See below findings, recommendations and photos.

Key findings: Sigale, Hodan district

  • About 20 IDP settlements in Sigale were flooded by water from a nearby reservoir. Out of the 20 settlements, 10 of them were reported to be most affected. These are Dharyaale, Hilaac, Tawakal, Bay iyo Bakool, Galgaduud, Jeega-xiir, Qansax dheere, Rajo, Hodan and Ali Aden IDP settlements.

  • Floods also resulted in destruction of latrines resulting in overflowing of waste. The affected settlements are submerged in contaminated water.

  • The rains and flood waters resulted in the destruction of shelters and loss of personal and household belongings including clothes, mattresses and utensils.

  • IDP leaders reported that about 80% of IDPs living in Sigale were displaced to nearby higher grounds. Their displacement is considered temporary to allow for the water to recede. By the time of the visit, some IDPs had already returned to their shelters. Some IDPs were displaced to Sarakusta in the outskirts of Mogadishu.

Bulo hubey, Wadajir district

  • About 40 IDP households and 10 households from the host community were displaced to nearby areas with the hope of returning to their shelters once the water recedes.

  • All makeshift shelters belonging to IDPs have been destroyed. Five houses belonging to the host community have collapsed.

  • Given that all IDPs living in the affected area were displaced, it was not possible to further assess their specific needs and extent of the damage suffered as a result of the heavy rains and flooding. It was also not possible to gather information from the affected host community as the road leading to their shelters was cut off.


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