London Somalia Conference 2017: New partnership for Somalia for peace, stability and prosperity - A Framework for Mutual Accountability and Accelerated Progress



Somalia has made significant progress in recent years towards peace, stability and prosperity. With the election of new national leadership, Somalia now has an unprecedented opportunity to consolidate these gains and accelerate progress towards the country’s long-term recovery.

This New Partnership for Somalia (NPS) sets out how Somalia and the international community will work together to meet Somalia’s most pressing political, security and economic needs and aspirations, as set out in the National Development Plan (NDP).

The NPS is built on a set of Partnership Principles and Enabling Actions agreed between Somalia and the international community, alongside a set of Key Themes setting out the shared values and aspirations essential for fulfilling Somalia’s development and recovery goals. This agreement promotes mutual accountability between Somalia and the international community. It links Somali ownership of, and responsibility for, the direction and pace of Somalia’s progress in the years to come with better alignment, coordination and improved transparency of international aid.

Progress in delivering the NPS will be measured against a Mutual Accountability Framework and dashboard using clearly defined benchmarks and milestones drawing together the Partnership Principles, Enabling Actions and Key Themes from the NPS alongside key indicators from the National Development Plan, the Somali Security Pact, and other sector-specific roadmaps and Somalia’s international commitments and obligations.

Through this New Partnership for Somalia, adopted at the London Conference on Somalia, we reaffirm and give substance to our common commitment to work together to bring lasting peace, stability and prosperity to Somalia for the good of the Somali people.